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Stay Cool This Summer With Dart Awnings


Dart Awnings is a leading provider of beautiful awnings in the greater New York City area. You've made an investment in your home, now increase the use of your deck, patio, or any sun-drenched room with the versatile beauty of a Dart Awning.

Advantages That An Awning Can Provide

If you're like many people in New York City, you want to enjoy the outdoors without the sun beating down on your neck. Whether you own a business or a home/apartment, awnings are an excellent way to protect your home and yourself from the sun, as well as the patio and more. It's important to find manufacturers, installers, and contractors to help you find the right one for your commercial or residential building, which is why you should consider Dart Awnings. We've helped many people just like you find an awning that suits their needs.


If you're like most New York City dwellers, you want options when it comes to coverings, which we can provide, including:

Retractable versions allow you to open and close them whenever you require them. You can close them during inclement weather and open them when you want to sit outside and enjoy the day. These are also perfect for commercial buildings with a patio, as they can be closed during non-business hours and opened when the store opens.

Stationary awnings are always opened and are perfect as an alternative to a residential garage or areas you wish to keep cooler, such as the driveway, walkway or picnic area.

It's important that you choose manufacturers that provide you with multiple choices, including fabric, metal, or clear & smoked varieties. Likewise, the contractors and installers you choose should be able to handle repair jobs or help you install a new one. Whether you're hoping to go outside in the rain or save on energy bills, we can assist you by installing a new awning that will improve appearances and more. Contact us now to find out more.